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Getting The Most Out Of Home Printing

When printing images taken with a digital camera at home, there are roughly 4 main factors to think about if you want to get the best pictures: The quality of the original image, the quality of your printer, the quality and type of paper and lastly the quality of the ink. The Image The main […]

Every HDR Photographer Goes Through: Steps

HDR is a word that is either infamous or famous or at times a taboo. Well, all this depends upon the environment one has been a part of. everey HDR photographer comes across the same steps and scenarios while in the process. The mere descriptions by the photographers and the pictures they have clicked, give […]

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15 Incredible Macro Photos

When done correctly, macro photography is one of those art forms that can simply take your breath away. Often super high focus, these mind-blowing macro shots give us a new perspective on the otherwise familiar. Macro images place new demands on the photographer, but these 15 incredible photos will give you all the inspiration you need […]

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Changing Face of Digital Cameras

Digital Photography has not been on such an exciting altitude ever since its advent. A decade ago, we kissed good bye to the film cameras and we are already experiencing a drastic shift in the consumer’s behaviour with digital cameras. People are going obsessed with clicking photos and recording videos but all of these are […]

The Art of Interior Design Photography

Most interior design colleges understand something that many photography students are only just beginning to realize. Interior design needs skilled photographers in order to promote and sell their work in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, as well as, in many different types of print media, where the quality of the photo may make the difference between […]