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Professional Touch To Your Family Photos

Whether you are a point and shoot holiday photo taker or you consider yourself a photography buff, you can now make the most of your favourite snaps by putting them all together in a professional photo book quickly and easily.

Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS

Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS

The Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS is a high zooming camera with a zoom capacity of 30x with a Digic 4 processor. Fitting well inside a compact bag, this intelligent IS and zoom captures the picture with definite clarity. Sized to suit the easy carrying needs, Canon has produced the right option for travellers who like to pack light.

10 Perfect Poses for the Perfect Pictures

Yes, the holiday season can be very sinful, look at all that holiday weight you’ve gained. Now don’t go OMG about it, you still can secretly work out and look good in time to come, but what about those pictures that you want to put up on social networking sites? You are not techno savvy […]

How to Edit People

Entering the world of Photoshop can be an intimidating endeavor. Photoshop allows the photographer unlimited potential. You can touch up pictures, transfer one part of an image onto another, or transform your picture into a perfect cartoon image. Due to vast potential that Photoshop offers, learning how to use the software can be an intimidating […]

Top 5 Trends in Digital Photography

Photography is a combination of creativity as well as planning. In today’s digital world however, technology has become a core part of this field. In order to successfully convert an idea into print, a combination of innovative devices and software are required. It is important to note that photography is no longer restricted to professionals, […]