Before we start

1Hello everybody! So here it is the first post of a new blog about photography! Ok, ok, I already hear you all asking me: “What could be new about this blog? There are thousands of them out there! How can it bring something new to us?” I’m not pretending that the informations from this blog will be new, it’s almost impossible to do something like this. But what I think it will be interesting about this blog is the way the information will be structured and how it will be presented. I don’t pretend to be a PRO in this vast domain of photography, far from me this idea. Actually I’m an average photo hobbyist who is not very far from the days when he was an absolute beginner like many of you. There are about 6 years from then, so I can remember all the phases I have been through and almost all the questions I had at that times.

What I want to do in the first posts of this blog is to write an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER TUTORIAL and to get through all the steps I have been through, from the day I’ve decided to buy my first digital camera to nowadays. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who saw some very beautiful photos, on paper, on photoblogs or by simply searching the INTERNET and decided that you want to dive into this beautiful universe of photography. But then all the questions arise: What camera should I buy? Should it be a Point And Shoot or a DSLR? What is the difference between these two? What are all that numbers that I see in the specifications? Finally you get your camera and starting to shoot. But questions rise again: Why are my photos blurry? Why are them so dark or burned? What’s with all that noise in the picture? Why people does not seem to appreciate my photos? What’s all about with the composition? And so on… I will try to answer to all these questions for you and explain all the details that you need, even with examples, so you can start taking decent photos as soon as possible. This will be my first goal with this blog.

I would really appreciate your help here by asking me all the questions that you have, everything that you don’t understand and want to know and I’ll include all the answers in my tutorial. Lets say this tutorial will also be an interactive tutorial, having his structure based on your questions and what I thing it is most important for you to know. Firsts articles from this tutorial will appear in a few weeks (I hope less than a month), but until then I’m waiting for your questions and suggestions. Lets do some great work here and enjoy photography!

2 Responses to “Before we start”

  1. Ameena says:

    i just bought Canon 600d a week ago .. and i will start the lessons with you ..

    Thank you =)

    hhmmm .. i’m looking for some videos about my 6ood and how can i use it .. hope you can help me with that =)

  2. Andrei says:

    I hope the lessons will help you. As for the videos, unfortunately my 450D was stolen from me a month ago and I can’t make any videos. 600D is similar and I’m sure you will find a lot of videos on youtube or other websites. Good luck!