Lesson 1: Choosing your camera – Point And Shoot vs DSLR


There is no photography without a camera, so the first thing you have to do (if you haven’t already done it) is to get yourself a digital camera. Nowadays the market has a lot to offer in this segment and there are a lot of cameras to choose from, but for now we’ll only discuss about these two major categories: Point And Shoot and DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex).


Point and Shoot vs. DSLR


When someone is requesting my advice on buying a digital camera, a computer or an electronic device of any kind, my first question to that person is “how much money do you want to spend?”. If you don’t want to spend more than 400$ on a digital camera then a digital Point And Shoot camera is for you. The truth is that today you can find a very decent Point And Shoot digital camera which can compete in terms of image quality with many entry level DSLR cameras. On the other hand, if you afford to spend more than 400$ on your camera than you can start digging into the advantages of DSLR camera and consider buying one.

There is another way to look at this choice and for that you have to put yourself a question: how deep do you want to go into photography FOR NOW (a great talent may came out from the shadow in the future 🙂 )? If you just want a camera to take some photos in vacations, or to photograph your family or your friends, then the best choice is a Point And Shoot digital camera. The advantages are that these cameras are in general small, very light and have a lot of automatic functions so you wouldn’t have to bother with many technical details. On the other hand, if you think that photography will have a significant part in your life than you should consider buying a DSLR camera. It is bigger than a Point And Shoot digital camera, heavier, but it also has better image quality, it’s more versatile, you have a lot of manual controls and you can always change the lenses to whatever you need.

These are the main ideas about Point And Shoot and DSLR cameras. In the next lessons I will present you in more details these two categories of digital cameras.

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  1. coolpic05 says:

    thanks for this kind of turorial. I love taking pictures but im in trouble of taking a good one. I want to be familiar in the manual mode of my slr but i cant afford to enroll to a photography lesson because of my profession. this blog will mean a lot to me. i’ve already read the first two post and i’ve already appreciated your art of sharing knowledge. thanks