Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS

Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS

The Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS is a high zooming camera with a zoom capacity of 30x with a Digic 4 processor. Fitting well inside a compact bag, this intelligent IS and zoom captures the picture with definite clarity. Sized to suit the easy carrying needs, Canon has produced the right option for travellers who like to pack light.

Quality Zoom:

Build to match a compatible shape, the Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS is definitely not for those who like big stuff. However it is not exactly your pocket friendly camera either. It comes somewhere in between. The lens protrudes out when the camera is switched on and goes even further while zooming. The Canon cameras have gone a step further and added a 60x smart zoom in addition to the 30x optical zoom with the same resolution is handy. But the image quality suffers with low recording and pixel magnification.

Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS

Battery and Lens:

The camera is neatly designed in metal with a battery compartment under it. The lock has to be given a little tug with the thumb in order to get it to open. The battery is lithium ion and the door is made of metal. The lens is rigid with a good sound body through-and-through up to the last zoom. The size of the camera has come in the way of holding it comfortably with both hand and we end up holding the camera with hands overlapped.

Intelligent IS:

The intelligent IS automatically activates to produce high clarity pictures and videos. Any shaking or movement caused can be easily eliminated in the Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS with the help of the Intelligent IS. This has made using the camera in a shaky situation like the wind or blizzard places easy and effective.

Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS front

Easy to Follow Menu:

The menu is easy to use and the user interface is up to the Canon camera. The start up time is 2.5 seconds which is normal. The sensor and processor is similar to the other Canon model of PowerShot SX160. The features also fit into the single screen. The basic alteration of the image can be done here with the available tools. The canon has maintained its standard in terms of interactive usage.

Flash & Sensor:

The flash gives good picture quality eliminating the aberrations which might occur in normal light settings. The power of flash and red eye switching can be done by accessing the flash menu. The Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS uses a ½. 3 in CCD sensor supported by the Digic 4 image processor, retaining the image characteristics and controlling the distortion at the same time.

Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS back


With a 16 megapixel Canon camera, the size of the image is about 6MB.

  • Noise: The Canon PowerShot SX 500 IS has noticeable noise even at the very low ISO which is its major drawback. Edge definition, though low is manageable.
  • Sharpening: Image sharpening is top-notch. But the noise effect magnifies with this additional plus.
  • Focal Range: The actual range is 30x but on top of this a 60x is also available.
  • Chromatic Aberrations: The edges of the image suffer from the chromatic aberrations. At times it was also noted in the centre of the image.


  • For a camera with such a light body, it provides a very good zooming capacity.
  • It offers more shooting choices and alternatives.
  • High optical image stabilization is the big plus.

Being one of the first ever to introduce the auto focus system with integrated processor, the Canon cameras are trying to bring in quicker focusing and shuttering. Seeing the world through the canon cameras one is prone to notice details.

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