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Lesson 22: Conclusions

I will conclude this first beginner tutorial with some basic ideas that you need to have in mind when taking photos, so that you will be satisfied with the final result. What goes through your mind in the moments as you raise your digital camera up to take a shot and before you press the […]

Lesson 21: Background

The background in a photography is both an opportunities and a challenge to photographers. On the one hand it can put a subjects in context and make it stand out in a way that highlights it wonderfully, but on the other hand backgrounds can overwhelm subjects and distract from them. Some of the common problems […]

Lesson 20: Active Space

Shooting moving subjects is always a challenge. The time is short and usually you don’t have a second chance, so you must think and act fast. One of the most important rule that you’ll have to consider when shooting moving subjects is to give them space to ‘move into’. The main idea behind this is […]

Lesson 19: Using Focal Points

Next time when you are about to press the shutter button on your camera, take a moment and ask yourself: “What is the focal point in this picture?” Some other ways to ask the same question might include – What is the central point of interest? What will draw the eye of the viewers of […]

Lesson 18: Filling Frame

There is a rule in photography that says if you want to improve your photographs 100 percent, move closer. It’s true. The one sure way to keep from including too much extraneous information in a photograph is to fill the frame with your subject and nothing but your subject. Filling the frame from edge to […]