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Professional Touch To Your Family Photos

Whether you are a point and shoot holiday photo taker or you consider yourself a photography buff, you can now make the most of your favourite snaps by putting them all together in a professional photo book quickly and easily.

10 Perfect Poses for the Perfect Pictures

Yes, the holiday season can be very sinful, look at all that holiday weight you’ve gained. Now don’t go OMG about it, you still can secretly work out and look good in time to come, but what about those pictures that you want to put up on social networking sites? You are not techno savvy […]

Top 5 Trends in Digital Photography

Photography is a combination of creativity as well as planning. In today’s digital world however, technology has become a core part of this field. In order to successfully convert an idea into print, a combination of innovative devices and software are required. It is important to note that photography is no longer restricted to professionals, […]

The Art and Purpose of Shadow Photography

Amy Cobb feels most at home behind a keyboard or a snapping shutter. She’s a Jill-of-All-Trades media refugee turned blogger who, since jumping ship from the Fourth Estate, writes on all things media and media-education-related. Most recently she’s worked on pinning down the best photography degree program in the country. When not writing, Amy is doing […]

Best Smartphone Cameras Of 2013

The camera in a smartphone is probably one of the main considerations while buying them. With so many image editing and social networking applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Path, etc, consumers are uploading a lot more images on the web in a year than they did in their entire life. Let us have a look […]