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Top 5 Camera Accessories For Your iPhone

Photography has become a part and parcel of everyday life. Instagram, Facebook, and other such apps and sites are filled with images that have been clicked by millions of people around the world. To keep up with the demands of customers, phone makers have started to pay serious attending to the cameras on their phones.

Mobile Phone That Can Replace Your Digital Camera

We’ve all been saying it again and again that mobile phones can never replace a digital camera in terms of image quality, speed and reliability. But mobile phone brands were not sitting idle either, Nokia and Sony were both known for making strides in mobile photography but later on, other firms like Apple, Samsung and […]

Quality Photos With Android Phones

Your Android phone camera, whichprobably comes with a minimum of 6 MP, can take some excellent pictures. The bad news is that if you don’t apply a few basic photography rules, your images end up looking horribly pixelated. So how can you take quality photos with your Android phone? Here are a few tips to […]