Amazing Tips for your Food Photography

Most of you want your food photography to be fabulous. Anyway, you know that it is pretty impossible without a food stylist and a lot of equipment to make that dish look mind blowing. You truly are lucky if you have a team that is ready to work hard and also a great location that permits you to throw out some lighting effects. Read on to know some of the best food photography tips.

Work with a good team

In case you don’t have a food stylist, at least you need to have a chef who is ready to work enthusiastically when it comes to plating the dish. Make sure everything looks bright and in order. All garnishes should be fresh. If you are using sauces as decoration, see to it that they look bright. As you will be in charge of styling the food, after everything, just take a few shots. Then, have a look at the images and see what’s missing and fix it. Repeat it until you get the perfect picture.

Keep it fresh

If you are photographing for a long time, then, you’ll have to keep replacing the contents of the dish when required. For example, if the cheese melts, it hardens thereby looking unappetizing. In case of meat, it liberates juices that will ruin the plate. Hence, you need to keep replacing such items. It is better to do it right then rather than correct it during post production.

Focus on Details

This is one of the most important tips you need to consider. Let us take grilled meat as an example. In this case, you need to see to it that the grill marks are perfectly straight and crossed. When it comes to sushi roll, the pieces should be arranged in a charming way and no other contents like sauces and garnishes should be detracting from the image. Also, keep in mind: the less, the better. A plate that over stuffed will easily spoil the image.

Food Photography

Use an abundance of natural light whenever possible

Natural light is likely to be the most satisfying for all subjects and food is no exception. It would do well if you shoot food next to some big window or any other light source. By doing so, you can utilize the light available to light your picture. In case you are using lights, it is best if you use daylight-balanced hot lights. It will almost replicate the natural light and will give out extraordinary results.

Use a shallow depth of field

This builds curiosity and drama in the subject and also permits you to make the maximum use of the light available. If you are shooting with a shallow DOF, then you will have to keep the focal point near to the front of the image. When shooting one particular object, don’t focus on its pieces which are far from the lens. Instead, you have to focus on pieces which are close to and in front of the lens.

Make it simple

While shooting, it is better if things are simple. For example, plain white plates and counter tops look perfect. If needed, you can add a twig of fresh herb. Also, you have to shoot with an angle of a very few degrees above the food. Also, you need to keep the background blurred. As a result, the food will be emphasized.

The computer

Usually, the computer is used for a little sharpening, color correction and a minor crop. But, you need to use a little bit of your imagination instead of using the computer only for technical chores. You need to have the awareness of what is needed to the image and what is secondary. Use some effects that are used in fashion photography. For instance, there is this effect which makes boring and off whites shiny.

Technique and eye

The best of all techniques is revealed here. Also, it is simple and easy. All you need to do is collect photographs taken by others and observe. Just see what techniques they have applied and impart it on your photograph too. You need a practiced eye for this.

Anyway, have fun with photography. Each and every shoot is unique. Be inventive and think outside the box. Sometimes, you will also have to experiment.

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