10 Perfect Poses for the Perfect Pictures

Yes, the holiday season can be very sinful, look at all that holiday weight you’ve gained. Now don’t go OMG about it, you still can secretly work out and look good in time to come, but what about those pictures that you want to put up on social networking sites? You are not techno savvy and wouldn’t want to manipulate pictures using Photo shop, so what next?



  1. You are what you eat
  2. Your camera is unkind
  3. You look bulkier than what you are in photographs
  4. Cruel are the ways of the world
  5. Sigh wish I was slimmer

So many reasons to blame and feel sorry about you, isn’t it? But, all hope is not lost. And that’s because you still can be large and beautiful, say experts who know how to capture the best photos and yet make you look ravishingly beautiful at the same time.

2013 is going to be your shiniest year and we have tips for you to polish on when clicking those pictures and photographs. So are you ready to learn it all!

Flatter those angles

When you go straight ahead or a little above the subject, those angles would be flattered. If your photographer squats or stands below where you are while taking your pictures, putting your nose high in the air, throw some snob attitude around and you would look like a balloon. Hence, don’t do that.

Stand tall and proud

For that lean look, stand straight and don’t hunch. Be confident about your body type and allow yourself to relax in front of the camera too. A soldier at attention is best outside the queen’s home; you don’t have to emulate them. Look at the camera and rotate three fourth to it, put one foot behind the other, not whole but slight. The weight of your body should rest on the rear foot, with one toe foot in front. Pull those shoulder blades along and this would make the neck look sexy and long. And while doing that, pull your abs in, slowly and not the full thing.

Attitude baby attitude

Now come on, show us what you got and throw some attitude while smiling for the cameras. The arms positioned well speak a lot about the person being photographed, keep them away from the torso and don’t forget to bring those shoulder blades in. A celeb pose is easy, cock your hip and place your hands on them, voilà!!!

Smile honey

Say cheese, but not overpowering cheeeeeeeeeeze!! A flash can make it all freeze and that is what you need to avoid. Look away from the one taking your photo, either left, right or down. And just before you know the click of shutter happens, turn towards the camera and flash it out. You could toss your hair too, which is optional. Don’t look directly into the camera lens, look above it, a little.

Your expressions

Think happy-happy stuff to convey happy feelings and emotions, even if that’s not the case for the moment. For example, think of something funny back from school days. To give that sexy look, get in the mood of feeling it all, love yourself, your body and if the partner model is around fake love the whole act.

In short, when taking photographs, you need to enjoy the act of being photographed. It should be natural as if the divine was clicking you and you never knew about it. Candid shots and professional photography thus makes a diva out of nothing.

So get going and practice like a model!!

Author Bio

Yeh Chi Lin writes about fashion and amateur photography alike, and today he shares most of the secrets of taking the right photos and being a model for one too. Strike a pose and make millions follow you, or walk into one of the Photo booth rental Orange County services around and smile away with that cocked hip poise and stance, the world is now at your feet honey!

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