Remove unwanted objects from photos on Android

Sometime you can find extra objects in any picture, which can lose its balance in your android based devices. If you visit for any vacation and capture a picture of any building, however, the moving people or the street sign shadows across you could disturb the shot during your photo opportunities. Rather than worrying about capturing a great picture for every single moment, you can certainly seek the help of any application which can get rid of these flaws. The application-TouchRetouch is an exclusive app for iOS and Android based devices which will help you to get rid of the unwanted objects from your pictures. Hence you can remove the shadows over the ground, get away with the poor placement of any finger over the camera lens. The following are the ways of doing it using this application over your Android based device.

The basic step

First of all you would require downloading the application- TouchRetouch over your Android or iOS based device. You can easily find out its free version over the internet, which you can think of trying before procuring the Pro version. Once you download the application you can follow the below listed steps to get rid of the unwanted objects from your photos over the Android, but you can even try these steps for iOS as well.

The first step

In the first step, you are required to open TouchRetouch application to either capture a new picture or simply select anyone from your gallery. The application calls this step as Choose from Folder.

The second step

In this step, you need to select a tool to get rid of the unwanted objects and then supposed to adjust the tool’s size using the slider which you find there. The lasso tool which is used for this purpose simply works like any photo editing application over your desktop. However, many people consider brush tool as a perfect one for this job as it helps you with some more precise selection. Here, you are not supposed to work in a perfect way, yet the result you get would be a better deal though not a high end one.

The third step

Here, you need to make some adjustments over the dark color selection area using the eraser tool. This is actually an optional step, you are free to skip it but doing this will give more perfect outcome. As with some more precise selection of these objects means that you get a cleaner photo at the end.

The fourth step

Here, you need to press the start button (it appears like a play button) in order to get rid of the objects from your picture.

The fifth step

In the last and the fifth step, you are not supposed to tap over the diskette icon in order to save the image in your collection gallery or simply share with your family and friends.

Final word

This application will not give a perfect result all the time; however, you need to note one thing is that you can keep on retouching even in your first attempt of removing the unwanted things. So, you can think of giving this application a try as can find out its free version over the web. Once you are well versed with it, you can think of buying the Pro version of TouchRetouch.

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