Shooting the best holiday photos: Digital camera or smartphone

Remembering those brilliant memories from an amazing holiday is now easier than ever. The development of the camera has led to picture quality developing whilst remaining perfectly portable.

In recent years smartphone technology has become increasingly more intelligent as well as convenient which has turned the nation into photography lovers. More than ever tourists and photography lovers alike are using mobile technology to upload their greatest memories onto social media.

However, these functions purely depends on the users requirements. Holiday makers need a product that with withstand a variety of environments and also a longstanding battery.


Both differ significantly however have dramatically changed over recent years. Digital cameras now offer features such as face recognition, optical zoom, image stabilisation as well as a good ISO range. For the more broadened photographer, adjustable shutter speeds and exposure ranges are now highly common.

Smartphones offer a variety of camera features such as build-in flash or various shooting modes however their main features are focused on internet browsing and communication.

Optical Zoom v Physical Zoom

Most cameras offer up to 14x zoom which enables you to shoot from a far distance. Smartphones can offer anything from a 2x zoom which doesn’t give you the same range as a digital camera.

Convenience v Quality

It may be more convenient to carry around a device which is multi-functional however shots taken with a digital camera are often better resolution offering better quality.

Roaming Charges

Taking a smartphone abroad can easily eat up your phone bill. Roaming charges apply when you travel abroad even if you haven’t made any calls. Internet use and communication can cost a small fortune.


The functionality of a smartphone may be attractive to most but when it comes to taking good quality visual photographs, the digital camera comes top every time. There is one reason why; it is designed to be of high quality when you want to saviour the very best moments.

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