Tips for Fashion Photography

Preparing for a photo shoot is not as simple as it might seem. It is important to have a clear plan of action, studying what kind of environment is needed or wanted, thinking about what kind of photographs you want to produce, set a timetable to respect and be able to cope with unforeseen issues while still keeping an open eye for creativity and last-minute decisions. To top it, confidence has to be present at all times, or models and co-workers could get uncomfortable and lose prospects of your work.


Knowing and being confident about your photo shoot location can help you out a great deal. If you shoot “en plein air”, make sure to visit the site at least the day before of your shooting. Study the environment; try to imagine where and how you would like your models to pose in such location. What does this place inspire you? Think about what the model will be wearing for the shoot and how do their outfit and make up can blend or stick out from the external environment.


It could be that you have found the perfect location, studied the different elements and have a very clear vision of how the shooting should be. You have in mind the perfect light conditions and everything else. Though, it could be that you have imagined the shooting with beautiful sunlight and, on the day, clouds are mounting and the light colour is quite cold.  To avoid this, if you cannot reschedule and hope for the best, have a plan-b ready to use. When visiting the chosen location, make sure you have good ideas for both kinds of weather conditions; this way there would be no surprises and you´ll manage to get the most of out your photo shoot.


Before you start the shooting, inform your models and co-workers of the location you will use. Let them participate in your vision and make them understand what this photo shoot is about, what you want to achieve and how you want them to pose; what kind of feelings they should transmit from their poses and expressions.

Show Confidence

Although some time things seem not to go as expected, keep your nerves calm and show confidence. Do not stress out or extern negative feelings, your models will notice and lose confidence as well, resulting in poor communication,  an even more stressful shoot and a poor outcome.

Be Precise

Again here, communication is a must. Being able to express exactly what you need and want from your models is necessary for both a nice working environment and the best result. Don´t be shy, suggest how they should pose, be aware of details: a hand turned in a specific way, the hair pulled aside or up in a certain way. Involve the people you are working with, do not be afraid of resulting too precise or annoying: a photo shoot is the effort of multiple people, but you are the director in charge; make your co-workers feel they can trust your judgment and that you know where you are heading to.


Make sure you have with you all the necessary equipment. Remember to bring also those items that in certain weather condition you might think you do not need. Whether you are indoor or outdoor, you should have control over lighting conditions, so as to avoid unwanted shadows: light reflectors, diffuser, lamps and so on. I would also suggest, when possible, to bring an extra camera (just in case), a few memory cards (not to run out of picture-room) and different lenses according to your specific needs.

Be Flexible and Be creative

Although you have prepared everything to the last detail, make sure to stay flexible and let your creativity flies as you go. Leave room for improvement and good judgment to be able to change things that don’t seem to go as wished or to cope with unforeseen issues. There are always things that don’t go as planned: something was forgotten, a model doesn’t show up, the entire schedule is delayed etc. Make sure you keep your coolness and the right state of mind for keep being concentrated and inspired.  Sometimes the same picture taken from a different and unexplored angle can open the road to new experiments and creative pictures.

Image Credit: Tim Walker

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