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The exposure is the amount of light received by the sensor and is determined by how wide you open the lens diaphragm (aperture) and by how long you keep the sensor exposed (shutterspeed). The effect an exposure has depends on the sensitivity of the sensor (ISO sensitivity). Accredited online photography schools can teach you more […]

Lesson 14: Metering Mode

Metering mode refers to the way in which a camera determines the exposure. Cameras generally allow the user to select between spot, center-weighted average, or multi-zone metering modes. Various metering modes are provided to allow the user to select the most appropriate one for use in a variety of lighting conditions. SPOT METERING: With spot […]

Lesson 11: Exposure Time and Aperture

I’ve decided to talk about Exposure Time and Aperture in the same lesson because it is a strong relation between them, which I’ll explain later. First I will discuss about each of them to help you understand them better. EXPOSURE TIME: The Exposure Time is the period of time in which the sensor will be […]

Lesson 7: ISO

Digital cameras have an ISO rating indicating their level of sensitivity to light. The normal setting for most cameras is ISO 100, although some go as low as ISO 50. The sensitivities can be increased to 200, 400, 800, or even 3,200. High-end digital SLRs also allow some intermediary values. When increasing the sensitivity, the […]