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Depth of Field (some card tricks to help)

When I bought my first DSLR camera (upgrading from a point and shoot) I imagined the buying a “decent” camera would instantly improve my photography. Buying this camera, I assumed would bring outstanding quality to my images and I had visions of my masterpieces being exhibited and published. Students our courses at Beck Photographic told […]

Lesson 18: Filling Frame

There is a rule in photography that says if you want to improve your photographs 100 percent, move closer. It’s true. The one sure way to keep from including too much extraneous information in a photograph is to fill the frame with your subject and nothing but your subject. Filling the frame from edge to […]

Lesson 5: Optical Zoom

To define optical zoom, first I’ll have to briefly explain you what is focal length (or focal distance). If you look on the lenses of any decent camera you’ll see written there something like this: 5.8 – 34.8mm (or any other pair of values like that). This is the focal length specification and it is […]