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Manual focus

There are two ways of focusing: the automatic one (built in your camera) and the manual one (by hands). When you use manual focus the automatic focus is disabled. Usually, manual focus is used when you have to deal with low light or macro/special effects while taking a picture. With some digital cameras, manually focus […]


This feature can be found in all digital cameras. In autofocus (AF) mode the camera will automatically focus on the subject in the focus area in the center of the LCD or viewfinder. Many digital cameras allows the user to also select other autofocus regions that will be indicated on the LCD/viewfinder. In “single AF” […]

AF Servo

This system allows the camera to maintain focus on subjects that are moving. It is a very useful feature for sports or wildlife photography and it is normally found on digital DSLRs. Autofocus Servo is normally triggered by switching focus to “AI Servo” on Canon, or “Continuous” on Nikon, followed by half pressing the shutter […]

AF Assist Lamp

This is a lamp which is used to illuminate  the subject you are focusing on when shooting in low light conditions. The lamp is usually located beside or above the lens barrel. These lamps are not very powerful and they usually only work over a short range, up to about 4 meters. The light that […]