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Top 5 Trends in Digital Photography

Photography is a combination of creativity as well as planning. In today’s digital world however, technology has become a core part of this field. In order to successfully convert an idea into print, a combination of innovative devices and software are required. It is important to note that photography is no longer restricted to professionals, […]

Every HDR Photographer Goes Through: Steps

HDR is a word that is either infamous or famous or at times a taboo. Well, all this depends upon the environment one has been a part of. everey HDR photographer comes across the same steps and scenarios while in the process. The mere descriptions by the photographers and the pictures they have clicked, give […]

Auto Bracketing

Autobracketing is a feature of some more advanced cameras, particularly single-lens reflex cameras (SLR), where the camera will take several successive shots (usually three) with slightly different settings. Later, the best-looking pictures can be picked from the batch. When the photographer achieves the same result by changing the camera settings between each shot, this is […]