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Pixel Quality

In digital photography, when we hear the expression “more megapixels” we tend to believe that “more is better”. But in this case “more” doesn’t necessary mean “better”. The photography quality depends on a multitude of factors, the number of pixels being just one of them. Each pixel value has a quality that can be described […]

Lesson 6: Optical vs. Digital Zoom

When buying a digital camera one of the factors that you will be looking at is the power of the zoom function. People who are not very experienced in this field are starting to be a little mislead because manufacturers are often claiming a zoom function called digital zoom, or they add this zoom to […]

Lesson 5: Optical Zoom

To define optical zoom, first I’ll have to briefly explain you what is focal length (or focal distance). If you look on the lenses of any decent camera you’ll see written there something like this: 5.8 – 34.8mm (or any other pair of values like that). This is the focal length specification and it is […]