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Night Photography: Fireworks

In this final night photography lesson we will talk about one of the most spectacular man made light effects: fireworks. Capturing some exciting fireworks images needs careful planning and, why not, a bit of luck. As fireworks are usually set off at night, this does give the chance to use long exposures without fear of […]

Night Photography: Shooting the Moon

Your journey into night photography has reached the Moon, the main attraction of the night sky. Everyone has been at least once overwhelm by a magnificent giant full Moon. If you have your camera with you in one of these moments don’t hesitate and start shooting it because the Moon is actually moving very fast […]

Night Photography: Lights and Movement

There are many situations in night photography where the sources of light will be in the frame without any possibility to avoid this. The main problem with these photos is how to expose to get the best results. If you will expose for the light sources the result will be a photo completely dark, except […]

Night Photography: Flash and Artificial Light

The camera integrated flash is a powerful and useful source of light that cope with most of the situations for indoor photos where distances to the subjects are usually small. Night shots are almost always done outdoor where distances to the subjects are quite large and the integrated flash is not powerful enough to cope […]

Photography equipment

Night Photography – Equipment and Exposure

As I said in the last post, taking top quality night photos can also be achieved with just basic equipment. Since almost all of compact cameras have an automatic night mode, they can be used for taking night photos. Many of these cameras also have a complete manual mode for advanced users where you can […]