The Must Have Wedding Photo Checklist

No matter how cool, creative and unique your wedding photo package, there are certain can’t-miss shots that every couple wants.  There are moments in every wedding ceremony, no matter what religion, creed or ideology behind it, which not only make for nice images, but create a lasting record of an important milestone between two people.

While caught up in the whirlwind of your own wedding, some of these amazing moments can buzz on by without giving you a second to stop and cherish them.  That being said, it’s important to consider which moments are the ones you’d like to see captured in photographic form, and discuss the list with your photographer well before the ceremony.  Even the best wedding photographer is not a magician (although the photos may be magical) and getting those ‘perfect shots’ can require a bit of behind the scenes planning.

A recent study on post-wedding regrets shows that the top thing people would change (at 21%) is spending more on their photos- so take necessary measures to avoid photographic regrets of your own with this check list- albeit condensed- of top must-have before/during/after wedding photos:

Before the Ceremony

1.  Getting Ready.

Both Bride and Groom (plus bridal party on both sides) getting ready before the ceremony (think hair, make up, tying the bow tie, zipping the dress, etc.).

2.  Solo Shots.

Both Bride and Groom alone and posed for a solo shot while all dressed up in their ceremonial frocks of choice.

3.  Family and Bridal Party Posed Photos.

Family group photos and Bridesmaids/Grooms Men  group photos (more often than not divided by gender during the preparation stage).

4.  Departure/Travel/Arrival. 

Leaving the designated ‘getting ready’ area (perhaps getting into a limo or other vehicle), travelling in the vehicle, and arriving at the venue for the ceremony.

5.  The Venue. 

Be sure to request that a photographer be present well before the ceremony is due to begin.

During the Ceremony

1.  Walking Down the Aisle.

Not just the Bride but parents, Bridesmaids, Grooms Men and Ushers too!

2.  Waiting at the Altar. 

The Groom watching the Bride ‘en route.’

3.  Together at the Altar. 

Depending on the plan for your ceremony there will be a variety of highlight moments (like the vows, the rings, the kiss, and so on) which you will need to add to your individual check list.

4.  Special Speakers and/or Performers. 

Request individual shots of any speakers or performers who will participate in the ceremony.

5.  Pronouncement as ‘Husband and Wife.’ 

These are the first moments together as a married couple which will include the pronouncement at the altar, walking up the aisle together, and leaving the church (including the receiving line if applicable).

After the Ceremony

1.  Portrait Couple and Group Shots. 

Be sure to list each and every combination of family and friends to be photographed.

2.  Reception Venue, Food and Drinks.

‘Before’ shots of the venue and all food and bev served.

3.  The Guests. 

Ask for a mix of candid and posed shots of guests throughout the evening.

4.  Your Unique Events.

Each ceremony will be different, so add to your check list all special moments (this can include anything from speeches to cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet/guarder, the first dance, any parent-child dances, etc.  A good starting place is the program for the reception if you are feeling overwhelmed).

5.  Leaving the Reception.

As you head off to conquer the world together, be sure to smile for the camera!

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Jessica Josh is an Australian freelance writer and blogger.  She writes about design & photography for companies like J.Crew Photography

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