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Tips for Fashion Photography

Preparing for a photo shoot is not as simple as it might seem. It is important to have a clear plan of action, studying what kind of environment is needed or wanted, thinking about what kind of photographs you want to produce, set a timetable to respect and be able to cope with unforeseen issues […]

Awesome Pictures Without Photoshop

You might be overwhelmed with all the gadgets and software that is available to photographers, amateur and professional. What to choose? How many lenses do you really need? What settings should you utilize on a camera that has hundreds? Okay, maybe not hundreds, but many more than a mind can juggle sometimes. Even people with […]

Remove unwanted objects from photos on Android

Sometime you can find extra objects in any picture, which can lose its balance in your android based devices. If you visit for any vacation and capture a picture of any building, however, the moving people or the street sign shadows across you could disturb the shot during your photo opportunities. Rather than worrying about […]

Top 5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Camera

Buying a new camera can be a fairly big investment, as most high quality cameras are not cheap.  Because of that, you want to make sure that you’ve done your research and know exactly what you want out of a camera.  If you’re in the process of looking for cameras right now, here are the […]

The 5 best DSLR cameras for Practicing your Art Without Breaking your Bank Account

These days, even some of the cheapest digital cameras can create photos that outdo the best to be found 20 years ago. However, the art of taking pictures is still an art and a particularly high quality camera can really be a helpful tool. However, despite all its capabilities, even the best camera isn’t very […]