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Lesson 12: Semi Automatic and Fully Manual Modes

APERTURE PRIORITY MODE (A or AV): This mode is really a semi-automatic (or semi-manual) mode where you choose the aperture and the camera chooses the shutter speed so as to ensure you have a well balanced exposure. Aperture priority mode is useful when you’re looking to control the depth of field in a shot (usually […]

Lesson 11: Exposure Time and Aperture

I’ve decided to talk about Exposure Time and Aperture in the same lesson because it is a strong relation between them, which I’ll explain later. First I will discuss about each of them to help you understand them better. EXPOSURE TIME: The Exposure Time is the period of time in which the sensor will be […]

Lesson 10: Automatic modes

So now you have your digital camera in your hands and you are about to take the first shots. Most beginners in this situation will put the camera into full auto mode, or into one of the auto mode presets. In this lesson we will talk about these modes so you can know their advantages […]

Lesson 9: Batteries

Batteries are another very important aspect that you will have to take into consideration. Some digital cameras (mainly the DSLRs) come with their own rechargeable batteries, so the only thing you can do after you get your camera is to see if this one is enough for you and if not, you can buy another […]

Lesson 8: Memory cards

Choosing a memory card is actually an easy task. All you have to do is to follow a few easy steps: 1. Memory card type: To find out what type of memory card does your camera support, all you have to do is to look into camera specifications. Nowadays there are a lot of memory […]