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Steps for Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse photography is a very interesting and innovative photo technique showing a sequence of continuity shots of a subject with time intervals. Resulting set of photographs include a series of shots depicting a movement over time. Certain photographs are collected in order, with equal amounts of time lapse, for a final sequence which are […]

Amateur Photographers – 5 Ways to Improve Your Portfolio

No matter what level your photography skills are at you should always be striving to improve your portfolio and learn more. Whether you photograph for fun or as a career you should keep a portfolio of your best work. If it’s your career, your portfolio is better than your CV for getting you a job. […]

5 Hot DSLR Cameras 2013

For the big camera makers the war continues between who’s making the best camera in every category. The DSLR acts as each brand’s flagship, meaning they have to step it up each year to get more attention from the press and photographers. And with DLSR’s being a vital tool for a serious photographer (and sometimes […]

Best Ways to Utilize Your Photographs

It’s exciting to start immersing yourself in the world of photography; playing around with different lighting, resolution, angles, and settings leaves you with an infinite amount of possibilities to work with. The part about photography that is the most fun, and also the most challenging, is figuring out what to do with the photos after […]

Works Of Art From Your Photography Snaps

Photography is a great hobby, as there are so many directions you can go – from sports or wildlife photos, classic cars or architecture photos. It’s never been easier to get into, with a great range of semi-pro equipment that can create amazing images. Why not make the most of your photos.