Top 5 Trends in Digital Photography

Photography is a combination of creativity as well as planning. In today’s digital world however, technology has become a core part of this field. In order to successfully convert an idea into print, a combination of innovative devices and software are required. It is important to note that photography is no longer restricted to professionals, becausewith the advent of technology, amateur photographers are also on the rise.

As digital photography enters a stage that is exciting and radical, individuals need to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends and developments. The hardware and the software available these days make photography easier, more detailed, and a lot of fun!

The Art and Purpose of Shadow Photography

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The Must Have Wedding Photo Checklist

No matter how cool, creative and unique your wedding photo package, there are certain can’t-miss shots that every couple wants.  There are moments in every wedding ceremony, no matter what religion, creed or ideology behind it, which not only make for nice images, but create a lasting record of an important milestone between two people.

Best Smartphone Cameras Of 2013

The camera in a smartphone is probably one of the main considerations while buying them. With so many image editing and social networking applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Path, etc, consumers are uploading a lot more images on the web in a year than they did in their entire life. Let us have a look at some of the best smartphones in 2013 in terms of camera performance.

6 Important Tips on to Improve Your Wedding Photography Skills

Wedding photography can be an interesting and exciting line of work. It allows you to break the hackles and experiment with creativity. When you are new in this field, it can be de-motivating and discouraging to compare yourself with seasoned and experienced wedding photographers. However, the time has come to stop comparing yourself and focus on improving your skills and mastering the finer art of wedding photography.