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We talk about connectivity, at a digital camera, when we want to refer at the way that other devices can be connected, so that transfer, viewing or printing of images can take place. We also need connectivity to use the camera for remote capture. Image transfer To be able to transfer images to your computer, […]

Color Filter Array

A color filter array (CFA), or color filter mosaic (CFM), is a mosaic of tiny color filters placed over the pixel sensors of an image sensor to capture color information. Color filters are needed because the typical photosensors detect light intensity with little or no wavelength specificity, and therefore cannot separate color information. The color […]

Burst (Continuous)

This mode represents the digital camera’s ability to take several shots immediately one after another, similar to a film SLR camera with a motorwind. The number of frames per second and total number of frames differs greatly between camera types and models. The fps is a function of the shutter release and image processing systems […]


After the sensor in the camera is exposed, the image data will be processed and then written to the storage card. The buffer inside a digital camera consists of RAM memory which holds the image information before it is written out to storage card. This process makes the time between shots shorter and allows burst […]


Disposable AAs Given the high power consumption of digital cameras, it is economically and environmentally unjustified to use disposable batteries other than in emergency situations when your rechargeables are depleted. Disposable Lithium AAs are more expensive than Alkalines, but having about three times the power packed in half the weight, they are ideal to carry […]