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Inside our eyes there are cone-shaped cells, which are sensitive to some colors, called “primary colors”: red, green and blue. The other colors that we perceive are just combinations of these primary colors. In photography, the red, green and blue corespondents of light expose the corresponding chemical layers of color film. The Foveon sensors work […]

Pixel Quality

In digital photography, when we hear the expression “more megapixels” we tend to believe that “more is better”. But in this case “more” doesn’t necessary mean “better”. The photography quality depends on a multitude of factors, the number of pixels being just one of them. Each pixel value has a quality that can be described […]


To understand the term of digital sensors we have to imagine an array of buckets collecting rain water. Digital sensors work the same way buy they consist of an array of pixels collecting photons, the minute energy packets of which light consists. The light sensitive photodiode converts the number of photons collected in each pixel […]

Effective Pixels

As we look at a digital image, we must understand that the number of pixels is not the same thing with the number of sensor pixels measurements that were used to produce that image. In conventional sensors, each pixel has one photodiode which corresponds with one pixel in the image. A conventional sensor in, for […]