Essential Tips on Wedding Photography

Wedding is the day on which every girl wants to look the most beautiful in the world. Now, if you already have some knowledge about photography, then this article will be of immense help to you. Like a marriage, wedding photography also needs to follow a number of steps. All these steps when followed in the correct order will help you to click some pro styled pictures. You will need to recreate the couple’s story through the means of your photographs.

Reaching early

If you really wish to make a stunning start then it is necessary that you reach the bride’s house early. This will give you the option to know the details of her getting dressed up for her wedding, her nervousness before while dressing up her gown. Its better if you get to shot a simple picture of her applying the last finishing make up touches to her cheeks. Try to get the picture that constitutes her mirror reflection. It will be best if you use natural light and a mix of 16-35mm f/2.8 L lens and 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens.

Bride Wearing Make-Up before the Wedding

Bride Wearing Make-Up before the Wedding

To get vivid pictures of the bride, it is necessary that you capture the detailed embroidery patterned fabric of her wedding gown. You can also capture those beautiful moments when she is busy chatting with her braids maids and discussing some important details with the maid of honor.  Sometimes, you might find the room too small for getting the right pictures. In such cases, you will need to over expose the by around +1 or +2 stops. This will ensure that you get a brighter backdrop excluding the details.

Detailing Shoots 

It’s nice if you get to shoot the details like rings, shoes, and flowers. It’s best to go for a bit loud background for such detail photography. Arrange all these elements and make some stunning pictures with natural light. It is necessary that you use macro lens in clicking these snaps. Many people come across a number of problems such as close up details being too soft while using a macro lens. In such a case, you will need to keep the mid range aperture to f/6.3-f/8. This will help you to balance the profundity of the field with rational shutter speeds.

Group Photographs

One of the most essential parts on any wedding photography is clicking the groups together. Group photos are always in demand, as people related with the wedding want to be present through the photographic memories. However, it is always challenging to photograph people in groups. It is necessary that you work fast.

The background is very important as, you will need to snap them all together. Try to use a little bit of flash, which will ensure that the faces don’t remain in shadows and get brighten up. Use a long focal length when you are shooting less than twelve people for example the below picture.

Groom and his mates getting snapped in a Group Photo

Groom and his mates getting snapped in a Group Photo


We hope that you furnish your wedding photography details and capture some amazing wedding moments. You can always avail further valuable information about wedding photography from photography blogs and articles. Best of Luck!

Summary: Wedding Photography is becoming very popular nowadays. Professionals are now harboring their skills in the field to make a spectacular career.

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